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McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (N513SN)


Wish Western Global would send one of their MD-11s that has their livery on it rather than these plain white birds to DFW. This is the 3rd different all white MD-11 from Western Global I've had the chance to photograph at DFW. This MD-11 started life with Finnair (Please view in "full" for highest image quality)


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Lee Smith
Are they White only because of the cost of Painting, Labor, and fuel usage to haul around all that Paint on a plane?
Garrett HellerPhoto Uploader
Hi Lee- I'm not sure but that would make sense to me! I know Western Global is pretty responsive on social media, I may have to reach out and see what they say.
Samuel Bixler
I doubt that white paint is any less dense than other colors... unpainted would be the only way to save weight. I imagine that all white simply saves on the cost of painting.
We have one of those that comes into the UPS facility at KCLE. Only once have I seen one in Western Global livery.
Edward Dougherty
Just a Thumbs Up on the initial note here. You nicely explain the 'Why' on a picture like this. Also, the back-back story on this machine's earlier life. The branding of airliners is so automatic, so powerful, that it's just very arresting to see so large a craft completely unadorned like this.
tom wymelenberg
Here at RSW, they had 2 MD11,s and a 747 parked out on the tarmac of the old terminal area for quite a while. They were all white and being worked on occasionally. I ran the N numbers and they came from a defunct carribean cargo airline. They all eventually left but I have seen them fly over my house as I live below the final for a E-W approach. Not long ago I captured one of their 747's in the early am on Ft.Myers Beach on final for a W-E landing with a giant paint job leaving no doubt.
marylou anderson
I'm not understanding.
Why aren't there markings on this aircraft?
Kinda strange isn't it?
Then again--just in time for Halloween!
patrick baker
magnificent great white whale of an airliner.....
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N513SN (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
16 сен 2019 MD11Рядом с QuitoМайами () 00:14 -05 04:51 EDT 3:37
15 сен 2019 MD11Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Майами () 10:16 CST 14:33 EDT 2:17
15 сен 2019 MD11La Aurora Int'l ()Juan Santamaria Int'l () 06:55 CST 08:03 CST 1:08
15 сен 2019 MD11Майами ()La Aurora Int'l () 04:35 EDT 04:43 CST 2:08
14 сен 2019 MD11Southwest Florida Intl ()Майами () 12:46 EDT 13:12 EDT 0:26
9 сен 2019 MD11Rickenbacker Intl ()Southwest Florida Intl () 16:44 EDT 18:39 EDT 1:54
9 сен 2019 MD11Шаннон ()Rickenbacker Intl () 11:37 IST 14:07 EDT 7:29
9 сен 2019 MD11Al Maktoum Int'l ()Шаннон () 03:10 +04 07:28 IST 7:17
8 сен 2019 MD11Bandaranaike Int'l ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 22:40 +0530 01:34 +04 (+1) (?) 4:24
7 сен 2019 MD11Liege ()Bandaranaike Int'l () 11:29 CEST 00:46 +0530 (+1) 9:46
4 сен 2019 MD11Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Liege () 16:53 PDT 10:47 CEST (+1) 8:54
3 сен 2019 MD11Белфаст (международный ) ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 20:44 BST 21:51 PDT 9:07
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