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Viv Pike
With no disrespect to photographer James Kelly - but how does this photo get a Staff Pick? Everything is out of focus. It is an "average", at best.

Since you mentioned STAFF PICKING. Over the past 24 hours or so this has happened.
Now listed as being posted 24 hours ago is a GUlf AIR A9C-FA Boeing 787 and posted 14 hours ago is Cirrus Vision (silhouette) N507SA. In between those two aircraft are 53 photos that had not one STAFF PICK. It is like either the staff member or software that reviews photos jumped from that Gulf Air to the Cirrus and never considered any of the posted photos for STAFF PICKS and from what I see there are plenty of the 53 to choose from. So I'm sure there is a light-duty staff on the weekend but this is a shame for those who earned consideration for a PICK and you're experienced enough with great photos and comments to understand strange things go on with picking photos. Anyway, that photo above could have been a great shot as you said if it were focused better. The aircraft isn't that bad but we're not picking we're only voting and commenting. Take care......
Viv Pike
Warmwynds :

i hear you, and I empathise.
Considering the above pic, althjough the aircraft is not "that bad" (could be better), the framing puts it off. There is way too much "outside" the aircraft that is NOT in focus, which is distracting. Had the pic been cropped to include much more aircraft, and much less blurred surrounds - then maybe. But for me, it's not a good pic, let alone a so called "Staff Pick".

Fair skies.


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