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SE-AMZ — - Mikael Carlson, Bleriot XI
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Mikael Carlson, Bleriot XI


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James Driskell
After this flight, the pilot would need to visit a dentist to have the bugs removed from his teeth!
Joan Williams
lol! James
John Maior
Flying for purists :-)
Pamela Kinnane
Hahaha James
Alan Hume
"Those magnificent men in their flying machines!"
John McCabe
It's a motorized kite!
Tim Segulin
Great shot of a classic Bleriot. Is wonderful to think that someone would build flying replicas of such major steps from the beginning of aviation.
In this photo, the pilot appears to be equipped with the period-accurate, leather head piece that covers his mouth.
This would seem to prevent the likely constant and annoying to land-lubbers, pilot's screaming out of "YIPEE, YIPEE."
Fred Ogden
Gutsy pilot. That design includes some features that are now known to be aerodynamically unstable in unusual attitudes. Hats off.
Michael Wulfsohn
Is this powered by "Fred's two feet?"
Cornstalk special.
Frederik deCockBuning
well done !! keep on flying !!
Larry Horton
I get into those old planes. Love the low and slow. Went cross country in a steerman. Lost my map over the King's Ranch. This plane would be a blast.
Andreas StöcklPhoto Uploader
7 cylinder Gnôme-Omega 50 hp rotary engine 1908 model
serge LOTH
J.Driskell: normally you fly mouth shutted: ...no radio!! lol
Marston Davis
Is that a man sitting on a dragonfly?
Alan BigSky
Simply awesome.
Al Bauer
Hey James, I don't think he is going fast enough to kill any bugs, Just sayin.
James Simms
RyanAir is having a wet dream over this bird. No carry on or checked luggage to deals/.
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic shot, Andreas. 5*
Todd Shiverdecker
A Scandinavian Airlines ( I think) pilot brought one of these to the 2003 Dayton Airshow and I was part of the ground support people. One of the most amazing things I've ever seen flown. I'll never forget being around him, his people, and that place that year. I was awesome!
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