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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (HB-RSC) - Zigermeet 2016 - Mollis (LSMF)/CH
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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (HB-RSC)


Zigermeet 2016 - Mollis (LSMF)/CH


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Alan Brown
Beautiful image of a great bird.
Simply an awesome beauty with no expiration date.
Marseille Marignane : Douala Cameroun . vers les 1958 / 1960 (il me semble).
another Lady Liberty.
great and lovely.
Great photo. Great Bird.
I got married in Feb 69,our honeymoon flight was on Eastern Airlines Connie. Hehe. KBDL - KLGA.
4 3350's, 72 pistons, three tails.
Al Prushinski
Is it still true that they don't allow pilots over 50 to fly the Connie's. They used to say that three pieces of tail that close together would seriously harm a man of that age!!
Danny Showalter
My dad was an aircraft electrician and used to work on the Connies.
charles rhodes
Looks like a Lockheed 1049G to me.
Keith Ruesch
I was wondering where the "canoe" and the chin radome were on this "EC-121." The ones we had a Pax River had them. Might this be an l-1049B?
Francis Nusspickel
Flew one configured as a radar dome picket aircraft out of Otis AFB, Cape Cod Mass in 1961
Art Troutman
This is the 2nd time I've seen a 1049G identified as an EC-121. The "G" has permanent tip tanks. Can't tell from this photo. The "E" in EC-121 stands for "Electronic" in USAF parlance. The EC-121H was the last version of the USAF AEW [Airborne Early Warning] Super Connie. It had a large radome slung under the fuselage - and a height-finder radome on top of the fuselage. There were 2 AEW Wings. The West Coast Wing flew out of McClellan AFB near Sacramento CA. The East Coast Wing flew out of Otis AFB on Cape Cod MA. I was an Avionics Engineer in the Connie Design Project at Lockheed, Burbank CA in the '50's. BTW Charles R - you are correct [1049G]. Keith R - the Navy version was the WV-2. The Navy 'Hurricane Hunter' version was the WV-3. Francis N - I rode along on an EC-121 mission out of Otis. "Picket" was another term used to describe missions. We flew a 'racetrack' pattern over Long Island Sound for 13 hours at FL150 in the worst Wx possible! Rain was so heavy that cylinder head temps started to drop! Barely made it back to Otis in fog!
Jack Bennett
Great looking aircraft! TWA would look good on her...
Leon Artac
My Grandmother flew to Rome on a Super Connie back in '56 or '57. TWA handen't started jet service yet! They called their connie flights, Jet Streams! Ya, sure.
charles rhodes
Thanks to Art Troutman for all the military designations for all the Connies that served duty. In the 60's when flying out of SFO I used to see the EC-121H's climbing out of McClellen with the 3350's hard at work. The only airplane prettier than a 1049 Connie is the 1649!
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