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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2


A formation of U.S. Air Force aircraft consisting of two A-10 Thunderbolts, one F-22 Raptor, and one P-51D Mustang. Taken at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. November 2017.


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Luc Barbier
So close? And the little one with a small propeller in front? Without stalling the heavy jet aircrafts? And over a uniform deep blue sky. Please, explain...
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
This is a normal formation flight. The deep blue sky is from editing. The small prop plane (P-51D) is going at a high rate of speed, allowing for the aircraft following it to not stall.
The Mustang cruises a lot faster than you'd think
john doe
Must be an airshow, eh?
Lucius Gravely
With a top speed of over 400 mph, I guess it could avoid holding-up the show!
Bill Gardner
Luc Barbier those A-10's can fly slow, they are known by some as THE DEVILS CROSS, Badass Antitank planes. and a very high survival rating, the cockpit is basically a Titanium tub. I loved watching them fly low and slow over Vegas when I lived there close to Nellis.
I'm sure it's not but it just looks fake / photoshopped. I'm sorry just the way it looks to me...
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Thank you everybody! This is from an air show at Nellis AFB in Nevada. Joeuser this is not photo shopped one bit, just the color and lighting was touched up.
marylou anderson
Nice photo. Interesting perspective on sizes of aircraft...
FYI joeuser--ever been to KLAS? or KLSV?
lots of blue, blue sky over the desert--even in November.
everyday. Nice temps by that time too never more than 70 or less than 50 in the daytime most Novembers--my son lived there for 14 yrs.
a great time of year to view an airshow out there!
Jamal Dutye
I was there, beautiful day and Nellis is a great venue.


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