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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation


20 september 2015 , Sanicole Airshow Belgium. Breitling Connie + 5 Swiss F5 Tiger .


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That's a five star shot!
David Zeitlin
I love this shot! Is this Breitling Super Constellation and Patrouille Suisse Northrop F-5's (?) Anyone know what year?
Arkadiusz CieslakPhoto Uploader
Yes , that was those aircraft. Date is 20 september 2015 and shot was taken on Sanicole Airshow. Unfortunelly the F-5 this year in Swiss AF is the last Year so this shot is really one of the last one ... (sry for my English ,i come grom Poland). With kind regards. Arek
Ravikumar Achar
Power Shot.
Kurt Finger
Woahh :p
Bill Butler
Arek, excellent photography. And you needn't apologize for your English. You speak better English than most of us speak Polish!
No stars. Missing what when why and how.
Jason Belanger
William Wood
I don't think that this is the super version! The super version had, among other changes, fuel tanks on the wing tips for longer range.
Saskia Priscilla Oberholzer
Simply a great picture! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Arthur Shulman
Great photo
Jim Smirh
Thanks for the image! Five stars!
The way an aircraft should be designed: no sharp corners anywhere and few straight lines! Perfect!
perry smith
Thank you Arek, love the shot.
Hugh Somsen
What a pic! The Swiss AF plus a Super Connie! Thank you.
Rene Kunz
@ William Wood: There were several different variants of 'Super Constellation' built by Lockheed.
The Breitling is the earlier L-1049 (Lockheed Model C-121C) Super Constellation Version while the (optional) wing tip tanks equipped 'Supper Connie'is the L-1049G Version.
See detailed history of this aircraft: http://www.conniesurvivors.com/N73544.htm. and http://www.superconstellation.org/index.php/en/

Arthur Moss
I saw & walked through a beautifully restored Super G at the 100th Anniversary of flight at Dayton Ohio in 2003.
This a great shot deserves 5+ stars! I don't mind if the WWW@H are missing. This isn't a forum for frustrated PJ majors.
Sean Lowry
Brilliant photo, Arek! The lack of when & where detail doesn't take away from the fact that you got just the right angle, the framing was spot-on etc.
Daniel Purdo
An eye catcher for sure! Fantastic!
I don't care for pictures with no aircraft ID and no location. Date would also be useful.
Eduardo Angulo
Excelente foto. Avion legendario. Super
Roy Hunte
No worries about WWW&H he identified it in comments and that is fine.
Arkadiusz CieslakPhoto Uploader
One of this F-5 crashed totday at Leeuwarden Airbase in north Netherland. Pilot is ok ! :)
Yvon Dionne
Gorgeous shot!!


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