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Tupolev Tu-142 (RF-94116) - Flypast by Russian Air Forces on Victory day over Moscow.
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Tupolev Tu-142 (RF-94116)


Flypast by Russian Air Forces on Victory day over Moscow.


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Alan Brown
It is interesting to see how the TU-95 has morphed into a "different" aircraft.
Alexandr MolyavkoPhoto Uploader
Well, if you compare first modifications of B-52 to the current B-52H, you'll also see a whole lot of differences
Very nice set of photos you have there. 5*
Alexandr MolyavkoPhoto Uploader
For me, to see Tu-95 airborne was a longtime dream. My grandfather had logged about 200 flight hours onboard one of these during 1970s as a test engineer for radio navigation system...
jacques prins
As a aircrewmember in the Gold War Time, is it sometimes nice to have company .
Funny, this aircraft is in the middle of a flypast that would not take more than an hpur, maybe two so it was surprising that they hung two bullet-type fuel tanks under the wings, or are they bombs?.
Alexandr MolyavkoPhoto Uploader
If you mean rearward extensions of inner engine nacelles then no, these are just main gear leg bays
Leon Kay
Great photo 5*
Ken Hardy
The aircraft was quite a leader in innovative design when it first flew and surprised the US with its speed for a turbo prop. one problem at lower altitude was noise, you could hear it coming from miles away with the counter rotating props. It would be interesting to see the engine gearbox and know how much maintenance was required to keep it flying.
For Alexandr and Jacques, this is a reminder for me too. I was a P-3 pilot in the '70's and saw a lot of these North of Kef. They were faster than us.
Bror Monberg
The original concept for this a/c is the TU-4, a direct copy of B-29s 'stolen' by Stalin in the late 40's. A/C engineers have written that Boeing engineering still can be detected in this a/c. Regardless,this and the TU-114 passenger version are amazing and awesome statements to flight!
David Seider
What gets hung on the four pylons located at the wing roots and between engines 1 and 2, and 3 and 4? ALCMs? It looks like Mr. Bear can carry 16 of whatever it is.
marylou anderson
thank you Alexandr!
Nice job.
Aнтон Куликов
Tu-95MS "Sevastopol" RF-94116
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о RF-94116 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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