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Boeing 737-800 (N804NN)


N804NN hitting the brakes after touching down on the 5,600 foot runway in rainy and wet conditions.


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Gary Schenauer
Dang! THIS is a SUPERB capture! I wish it was mine. I've tried numerous times to be in the right place at the right time to get a snap like this, but Reno doesn't get very many days of precipitation and thus far I haven't been able to get a click such as this. Five Bravos and a tip of my spotter's cap. ;-)
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much for the compliment Gary. I had thought you might like this one because I know how much you like the "bad weather" shots. I spent 8 hours at the airport the day that I snapped this one and it was raining most of the day, but that wasn't going to stop me from being out there taking photos. Unfortunately a lot of the photos were below average on the quality because I had a bit of trouble at first getting my camera settings right in the poor light/ visibility, but I think I got it mostly figured out after a while:)
Gary Schenauer
You and I have GOT to meet up someday. I like your enthusiasm for spotting.
Tell you what I'll do ....
Colin M (FA member in Boise) is hopeful of making a visit to RNO. If / when he does, I'll be meeting him and showing him all the spotting locations and treating to a meal. I am also going to try arranging for a couple of central CA friends to (possibly) be here to meet up with us. I'll keep you in mind, too. I know you have school and activities commitments, but I'll keep in touch with you regarding his visit and just maybe we can all link up.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much for the offer Gary, I really appreciate you keeping me in mind. I sure hope the dates will work into my schedule because I would like nothing more than to come up and meet you in person. The same also goes for you if you make it down here someday, I would be happy to show you around any of our local airports SNA, ONT, LAX, LGB, etc.
Greg Byington
A great job and a nice photo, Mark!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much Greg!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent rainy shot, Mark! I like how all the gray tones set the mode of this photo.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you Dwight!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N804NN (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
8 июл 2020 B738Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Tulsa Intl () 12:31 CDT 13:11 CDT 0:39
8 июл 2020 B738Raleigh-Durham Intl ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 09:18 EDT 10:41 CDT 2:23
7 июл 2020 B738Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 19:05 CDT 22:23 EDT 2:17
7 июл 2020 B738Tulsa Intl ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 14:28 CDT 15:08 CDT 0:39
6 июл 2020 B738Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Tulsa Intl () 13:08 CDT 13:50 CDT 0:41
5 июл 2020 B738Лос-Кабос ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 15:25 MDT 18:41 CDT 2:15
5 июл 2020 B738Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Лос-Кабос () 12:58 CDT 14:10 MDT 2:12
5 июл 2020 B738Финикс Скай-Харбор ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 07:01 MST 10:59 CDT 1:58
4 июл 2020 B738Международный имени Джона Кеннеди ()Финикс Скай-Харбор () 07:15 EDT 08:55 MST 4:39
3 июл 2020 B738Финикс Скай-Харбор ()Международный имени Джона Кеннеди () 16:55 MST 00:23 EDT (+1) 4:27
3 июл 2020 B738Шарлотт Дуглас ()Финикс Скай-Харбор () 09:12 EDT 09:58 MST 3:46
3 июл 2020 B738Финикс Скай-Харбор ()Шарлотт Дуглас () 01:12 MST 07:46 EDT 3:33
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