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SANDS Fokker Dr-1 (D-EFTJ)
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SANDS Fokker Dr-1 (D-EFTJ)



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Very Nice!
is that real? who would fly that?, I thought tri wing planes were death traps unless you were only the best of the best
it looks like a RC plane
I believe it's a full scale aircraft judging by the comparative scale of the taxi lights and chocks with relation to the aircraft. There are several full scale replicas flying...Walter Redferns company built several, and I believe that Oshkosh's AirVenture museum has one. They ARE somewhat unsteady and tricky to fly, however, the factor that makes the originals the MOST gyroscopically unstable was the rotary engine, since the entire engine rotated around the crankshaft. That was a HUGE mass which resulted in a VERY maneuverable aircraft in the direction of engine rotation...but could be a handfull in the hands of a novice.
it doesnt look like that engine is rotating, but yeah they did, and that shory whing span, its a hard plane to handle
This is a full size replica built from plans from Ron Sands and flying in Germany from the registration. The engine is a Siemens Halske Sh-14, 7 cylinders producing up to 160 HP. This model engine first ran in 1928 and powered some of Germany's pre-war planes in the 30's. It's a radial engine and not a rotary engine like on the originals.

Dr-1's were probably somewhat more difficult to fly than others of that era, but certainly not death traps if flown properly. All the rotaries had gyroscopic precession, that's just the way it was, you learned to deal with it's advantages and disadvantages.
The Dr-1 was probably very maneuverable with it's short wings, but you lost sight of the runway while landing because of the middle wing.

The proper term is triplane, as in biplane too.

Thanks for the great photo Thomas D.
Thomas DPhoto Uploader
It is indeed a full size replica wich is flown in Germany.
This photo was shot during the Phantom Phinale of the Richthofen Geschwader(JG71), German AF in 2013
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о D-EFTJ (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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