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BOEING 727-200 (N242FE)
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BOEING 727-200 (N242FE)



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Looks like they pulled it into the Hangar a Tad too far.. LOL :) - Nice Image, thanks for sharing.
Betty Goss
I guess it is meant as an attention getter??
A. Michael Uhlmann
Nice background too - love when an airport adorns itself with some history, but maybe they should pay the landscaper a better wage...
Robert Bryan
That is so cool! And look at that DC-3 in the background. Great photo!
Great museum, this aircraft was originally with Ansett Australia until they collapsed then FedEx bought it and converted it into a freighter.
Kids loved sitting at the controls and playing.
Worth the trip if in Santa Monica, lots more inside.
bk zeiadi
Many Thanks
ken kemper
Cool Find & photo Jake.........
Michael Rogers
Looks like someone needs to trim the weeds...
I agree with Uhlmann. Clean up the weeds!
Sull Ivan
Weeds? You mean wildflowers
Michael McGrath
great photo
Phil Townrow
Eric Bowden
LOL that's kinda cool
Anthony Allen
Cool pic. Nice to see something other than water-wasting green carpet for landscaping.
Nice shot - but those wallmounted airplane-noses always remember me on a hunting trophy, ok they were also nice shots...
Scott Barry
Great pic! Need to get over to see the museum at KSMO.
Don Hines
Great advertising for FedEx, but still - - a weed is a still weed, no matter what fancy name you give it.
Lachlan McGowan
Would be an awesome private office to the shed
New contender for 'flying shed' moniker.
Mark Gahwiler
Looks like the area in the back ground is being kept up, so that area under the FedEx is likely not the landscapers contract.
A fun idea! That's a natural insect, bee and butterfly-friendly biotope by the way - just give it some rainwater occasionally ;-)
Hangar excursion.
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