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— — - B52G low level bomb run, Cold Lake, Canada.  Approximately 250 AGL.  Im in that one.
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B52G low level bomb run, Cold Lake, Canada. Approximately 250' AGL. I'm in that one.


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William Crooker
That was cool ! What Wing and Squadron were you with ? I was with 397th at DOW in the mid 60"s
Reminds me of low level "Oil Burner" routes I've seen marked on published aeronautical charts of the southeastern U.S.A. "Heavy Wagon" routes also.
Neil KlapthorPhoto Uploader
I was with the 2nd BMW, 62nd BMS at Barksdale AFB, LA at the time of this photo. I was there from 1974 to 1980, don't remember the exact flight date. It was a special mission called "Snowtime" where we "penetrated" Canadian airspace at low level, flew a low route then ran the bomb run on the Cold Lake site. I was also at Wurtsmith AFB, MI with the 596th Bomb Sq.

The Oil Burner (OB) routes were our routine low level practice routes. They were all over the United States. Gave us practice flying low over every type of terrain.
William Crooker
Thanks for your reply. I was in FMS and we use to get the info of where our birds had been for the previous missions. Yearly competitions for top scorer ,low level runs etc. So it was nice to see an actual photo of one in action. WEC


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