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Consolidated B-24 Liberator (N24927)



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My Dad used to depart on long range missions in the B24 at a gross weight of 65,000 pounds. I got the very strong feeling that he was praying they never had an engine failure at that weight.
ACFTTECH8Photo Uploader
I would guess not at or near the maximum takeoff weight.
Gavin Hughes
Great capture.
Paul Wisgerhof
This one is probably the oldest example flying, or even in existence. Serial number 18, built in 1940. The markings are appropriate for 1940.
Harry Ellett
If I am not mistaken, the B-24 was the type aircraft flown by movie star James Stewart in WWII.
Herbert Zigler
Can't see an earlier B24 and not think of the first Ploiesti raid. Over half a century ago, working my way through college, I had a boss who'd been a waist gunner over Ploiesti.
doug marshburn
Its seems like a 100 years ago ,but when I was in the A.F. in early 60 's , at that time it was only 15 years after ww 2 I had a German friend and he use to tell me about the bombers coming over for bombing runs and they were so loud that he covered his ears .
Bob Latchaw
My dad had to bail out from one of these over Hungary. Shrapnel hit an engine, which would start spinning out of control, then seize up as the pistons locked, then they would cool down and the propeller (which could not be feathered due to the damage) would start spinning again, then seize over and over. Every time it seized was a tremendous jolt. Anyway, POW for 40 days as a result.
rbt schaffer
My uncle graduated as pilot in B-24's in early 1940's and his crew photos show a smiling and very happy man. Grandma hated the nose art on the photo behind the crew. Somehow he ferried a B-17 to Italy and flew 50 missions in B-17's out of Amendola including Operation Frantic to Russia. Returned to teach B-24's at Davis Monthan.... Photos of him look like he aged 20 years and the smile of the young aviator were gone. He didnt like B-24s because he said the reeked so bad of avgas that you didn't dare smoke in them.
so cool!
jesse kyzer
"Diamond Lil"
Yup...J.Stewart flew B-24's in combat!
That aircraft IS "Diamond Lil" at an earlier time.
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