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N9463 — - Columbine II in the sky!
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N9463 —


Columbine II in the sky!


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Greg Byington
I just heard yesterday that someone was finally going to take the old bird and fix her up. I didn't get the details, and I wasn't even sure they could fly her out. But I'm glad to hear that she'll get fixed up in a new home where folks can see and appreciate her.
Great capture Z, and as usual a good picture. 5*+! This must be the gear down ferry to Dynamic Aviation for the restoration.
Bill Orton
Nothing like a sleek Connie in the air. In my opinion one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built! Great photo!
nice pic
william sobeck
great pic from other side
It just landed today at the Bridgewater airport in Virginia (KVBW) where the owner of Dynamic Aviation will restored this beautiful A/C. He plans are to display it at air shows.
KZ Bell
What's locked on to the nose strut?
KZ Bell >>>> there is nothing "locked on to the nose strut". You are seeing an optical illusion due to the photo angle.
charles rhodes
I hope that someone, or group, would restore and fly a 1649 Connie. The ultimate Connie!
Hugh Somsen
Thank you Howard Hughes
Gerry Nelson
Check this out. Restoraion of conny in Maine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsuZOn0hPhs
Robert Carver
Great photo of "Columbine" President Eisenhower's plane back in the day before the 707 upgraded the POTUS to jets.
Sorry to see her leave KAVQ
Art Troutman
I was the Design Engineer for the special Avionics Systems in "Ike's Bike" - as we affectionately called her. BTW I'll be turning 90 in May! Note to "KZ Bell" That's the forward part of the nose wheel well door - affixed to the NLG strut. Notice that the forward ends of the NLG doors are way aft of the forward end of the nose wheel well.
Angel Ruiz
I can read VC-12 on the caption but should be a VC-121. The VC-12 is the mil Beech King Air.
Gary Schenauer
Angel, the caption box only accepts a maximum of four letters/numbers. So most likely when Zdenek entered VC121 in the caption box, only the first four letters/numbers were accepted. Thus, it came out "VC12." Makes no difference if it is right or not because if you click on the caption box, numerous pictures of this aircraft pop up.
Andrew Wilson
My dad flew the RC-121D version.
jesse kyzer
1948 LOCKHEED C-121A
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who help keep these Ol birds flying.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N9463 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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