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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet


Catapult takeoff


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Frank Gollner
Amazing shot, amazing light.
Yes... Jim is right. This photo has appeared previously on FA... and is showing up here too as a photograph and originally attributed to a USN/DoD photographer...

sam kuminecz
Why is the registration to chronos air CNS?
Sam... that CNS207 registration would make this a/c a Pilatus PC-12, which clearly it isn't.

Another U.S. Navy link, to again confirm what Jim said, as to "who" the original photographer was...

Sam... did you notice that your comment and mine also appear "duplicated"? That's due to this photo being uploaded earlier as Jim Gevay stated. Notice too that Frank Gollner's photo comment dates to "about a year ago" - and was actually written on 05/05/2015. I believe the earlier upload of this photo remains in FA's database and comments are attaching to it along with this most recent upload. However, if you search for photos uploaded by the user John Talley as Jim mentions, FA returns this line, "Sorry, no images are currently available for that user"!
sam kuminecz
Cliff that's interesting. Thanks for advising
Jim... you were correct... and so it does indeed show up as indexed by both user names. All of the user comments posted are combined.

Thanks much for the clarification.

Jim, I overlooked that your first comment regarding this photo was posted about a year ago (along with Frank's).

Sam... you are welcome.


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