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XH558 — - AVRO Vulcan XH558 arrives Farnborough 2014. mp©ðŸ“¸
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XH558 —


AVRO Vulcan XH558 arrives Farnborough 2014. mp©ðŸ“¸


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A true beauty of the skies, when Great Britain had an aerospace industry. Something that we will never see again to grace our sky.
Some planes just look right. This was one of them. Great shot!
ken kemper
Super Photo Jerry.............

So glad I got to see a Vulcan Bomber at the Dayton OH Air Show mid 1980's when I was in college.
terry kelsey
A great picture of a great aircraft! Had one of these and a Handley-Page Victor (both) at the airshow in Milwaukee several years in a row.( AirAge '68, 69 etc.) I called the British Air Attache in D.C. and invited them and was thrilled when they agreed to come. I Still have a newspaper photo taken during a brief rain shower, of about 100 people keeping dry under the Vulcan's mammoth delta wing.
Peter Dundee
I saw one of these fly at Farnborough powered by 1 of the engines destined for the Concord, it was amazing to see it low and slow down the runway and as the annoucer always used to say"and now approaching over the black sheds"
Awesome shot of an awesome plane!
Adam zeliger
What about the third part of this threesome ? The Valiant that was one of the threesome bomber aircrafts in the 60's.
Bob Clark
I was also at Farnborough when the Vulcan testbed for the Concord appeared, the most memorable thing about that was the slow speed fly past, to show the 5th engine, under the fuselage and then the high speed flypast, when at centre stage the Vulcan pulled 90 degrees vertical and with all five afterburners going full blast, and every fibre of my body, vibrating against the other, I watched it go up until I could not see it anymore. Just astonishing.
Breck Adams
Gorgeous bird! Looks as if there is outside seating on the top of the fuselage.........
Geoff Arkley
I was aged 13 at the opening of Wellington Airport in New Zealand when the "Vulcan Incident" occurred. I am now 75 and I very clearly recall the sound of that great wounded bird screaming for airspeed.
And, SHE GOT IT!!!
fantastic! such a cool looking plane
Kam Bahrami
Out of curiosity I checked Wikipedia and I am glad they kept this one for airshows and displays; apparently the civil registration is G-VLCN...very nice - haha. I wish "they" (any nation) would do that for all the aircraft they are retiring from service.
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