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Douglas DC-6 (N6527C)


1966 at Düsseldorf (EDDL)


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Gary Schenauer
Another superb set of posts, Peter. Again, all "5s." And I have a request and a question ...
The request ... I would be honored (and extremely appreciative) if I could use that photo of the PAA B727 on another site. Of course, your name as photographer would be distinctly noted. Unfortunately, my name imprints on every image that uploads (the site owner incorporated that feature after he discovered several of my pictures reposted from his site on to another site under a different name). Your Pan Am picture would be a wonderful addition but my name would be imprinted, so I would clearly explain in the caption that the photo is yours and is not mine. I would also provide a link that would connect to your post here on FA so readers could transfer directly to your FA folder to view all of your fine photos. I'll understand if you would prefer to say "No."
Now, the question ... I am a member of a group that would be tremendously interested in certain of your pictures. Is it OK if I contact them and tell them about you? You'd get membership, feature presentation and international viewership. Again, I'll understand if you wish to say "No."
TYVM, Peter. (Thumbs Up)
Peter ScharkowskiPhoto Uploader
Gary, you may use the PAA 727 photo - no problem. What kind of group is it ?
Paul Wisgerhof
This is a DC-7C. There is a DC-6 in the Inter-Adria photo on the same page.
Peter ScharkowskiPhoto Uploader
Paul, according to the DC-6B construction list it is serial #43527 ?
Gary Schenauer
Thank you VM, Peter, for your permission to use the PAA snap. When I've finished adding it to the other site, I'll include a link so you can view it.
Aviation history. Your newly-scanned and presented pics are going to captivate them. I'm sending a link to the owner that will make him aware of your FA folder here. Once he views your excellent pictures, I'm certain he will contact you in person. The group will be absolutely amazed by your wonderful photos. :-)
Peter, indeed this is a DC-6B purchased by PanAm of a bunch for itself and also on behalf of PANAGRA (Pan American Grace Airways, for instance N6536C, N6537C, and probably others) in which it held a 50% stake. I wonder if you have any Panagra aircraft pictures to show us. Thank you.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N6527C (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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