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Lockheed Jetstar 2 (N72GW) - Jetstar resting on the ramp after undergoing engine
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Lockheed Jetstar 2 (N72GW)


Jetstar resting on the ramp after undergoing engine


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Paul Wisgerhof
Nice example of one of the three original "business jets". Those would be the four engine Lockheed Jetstar, the twin North American Saberliner, and the first Lear Jet.
John David
Stunningly beautiful A/C, typical of Lockheed's eye for outstanding design. This one pictured here is absolutely gorgeous!
Gavin Hughes
Back when I was much younger I saw a pic of one of these in an Observers Book of Aircraft (were they published in the US?) and thought it was one the most beautiful aircraft I'd seen. Even better, one was used in 'Goldfinger' and on the big screen it was magnificent (can't say that for shocking model footage though) and here is one today. Still beautiful to my eyes. Thanks GunzO for sharing.
With her ventral speedbrake deployed. She actually has a slightly greater total fuel capacity at 17,600 pounds than has an early model standard Fokker F28 configured for 65 pax. But we planned on 4400 pounds per hour in the Fokker at M 0.70. Versus just 2600 pph in the Lockheed at M 0.74.
mark dailey
Got a few rides on one of these during test flights of TRN-26 TACANs that our shop had deployed.
Cleared the beach of people at Patrick AFB during some theodolite approaches. (funny stuff)
For those that may not know: Theodolites are used by a ground based operator looking up final through a scope (theodolite) while letting the aircraft know where they are in relation to the cross hairs. This aircraft with it's distinguishable tip tanks (not shown here), and inboard and outboard engines on each side were ideal for call outs to the aircrew. Makes for a very wobbly looking approach from the ground. :) The aircrew loved the plane.
Ian Hickling
are the wing pods fuel tanks or stowage? Beautiful looking plane. Good to see her still operational
I have read that the VC-140B version of this plane was used by President Lyndon B Johnson and at least three following Presidents for VIP transport.
Ian, they are for fuel.
Sidney Smith
A Man's Jet, Those mid-wing tanks held 750gal per side. We used them for takeoff, and climb and usually ran dry between 18,000 and 20,000 feet on the -8 model before the Garrett 731's that this plane has. The -6 had two GE's the -8 had four the conversion and later production had the 731 same as the Lear 35/36. Teetering tail was a maintenance issue if not maintained perfectly. It controlled the trim. Would cruise easily at .82 mach and could touch .85 with a bump on the throttles. All four of them. Passengers loved it because it rode very very smoothly in turbulence, better than the G2/G3 that was the next in line. The JetStar was a Hollywood icon appearing with and John Wayne (Hellfighters) and others. Great Airplane.
I too got a ride in one back in the 70's. After reaching cruise altitude the inboard engines were pulled back to idle. Don't know if the was SOP and just that pilots technique.
One of my favorites since watching the movie Cliffhanger as a kid. 10-year-old me knew it had to be a fast jet because it had four engines.
When my father was in AFCS at Scott AFB he was involved in the acceptance testing of the first of these used for airways and approach control evaluation, He loved flying the aircraft which was designated a C-140A.
Kelley Johnson liked the 'twin-engine'prototype airplane (two Bristol Siddeley Orpheus engines ) so well that he kept it for his personal transport for quite a while.
melvyn jamieson
I was fortunate to work on these lovely aircraft when I was employed by Lockheed Arabia in Saudi Arabia at Riyadh. I think we had two on the VIP Flight.
This one looks remarkably like a newly developed aircraft.
A credit to all involved.
Jared Smith
Closest I came to the Jetstat was participating in the development of the competition; the Raisebeck Mark 5 Sabreliner. My ride in that out of BFI was singularly impressive. I'm sure the Jetstar would have veen even more so due to the sheer quality of opulence.
Inspecting a few Jetstars on the ramp I've always been curious about the function of the wire cable that runs from between the two engines on each side to the wing. What the heck is that about? Beautiful piece of aeronautical engineering nonetheless. Very nice image.
Jared Smith
Oh, as far as Alekzander's comment; an object of art always has detractors. My Mom told me a number of times that if I had nothing nice, or at least constructive to sayn I should consider remaining silent. She was very wise.
David Beattie
I flew the Dash 6, Dash 8 and 731 versions. Wonderful plane. The head on view was absolutely intimidating!
Hi David, what would have been your maximum range in the Dash 6 Jetstar? I know that the very early 20 series Lears had about 800nm IFR.
William Barker
Excellent photo GunzO. Reminds me of when I worked on the flight line at the old Skunk Works in Burbank, as an apprentice. Kelly Johnson flew SN 001 in the signature green and white livery of 'Kelly's Air Force'. 001 had the slipper tanks but was the original two-engined airframe. The other thing Kelly did was to have all the antennas made retractable. After I graduated, and advanced to Jr. Engineer in the Skunk Works, I got to fly in some of those birds to our remote sites. All of us were crazy back then, but those were definitely some experiences I wouldn't trade for anything.
a mentor
have a dear friend who's husband worked along side Kelly Johnson -- I'm as green as a leprechaun!
Greg Peters
Thanks for posting this. Elusive and hard to track, it is nice to see it still active!
I have several hours in those beauties, a real pleasure to fly!


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