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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (18-8734) - The fabulously-schemed CF-18 Hornet (188734) of the Royal Canadian Air Force, painted to celebrate Canada* The RCAF announcer advised the crowd that this aircraft also uses CFB Bagotville (CYBG) as a home duty base. *' src="https://photos-e1.flightcdn.com/photos/retriever/fa1eb7bcdd73a3cdcc41abce43c00e7b3217a5a4" width="640" height="414">
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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (18-8734)


The fabulously-schemed CF-18 Hornet (188734) of the Royal Canadian Air Force, painted to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation and piloted by RCAF Capt Matthew Kutryk, screams low over my spotting position while making the final pass of the RCAF Demonstration Team's 2017 performance season. This gorgeous CF-188 (Unit Assignment >> 4 Wing Cold Lake, C(anadian) F(orces) B(ase) Cold Lake ... CYOD*) enthralled the crowd at last week's Aviation Roundup Airshow at KMEV. During this pass, Capt Kutryk blistered across the sky wonderfully low, which made it possible for me to get this capture that shows every detail and title of the Red Maple special livery on the fuselage and tail of his fantastic Hornet. And, he was so low during this last pass of the RCAF Demonstration Team's 2017 season that (if the viewer looks closely in the cockpit directly behind Capt Kutryk) it is even possible to see the white stars of the huge American flag he unfurled and waved as he taxied his warbird back to its parking spot on the KMEV ramp.
* The RCAF announcer advised the crowd that this aircraft also uses CFB Bagotville (CYBG) as a home duty base. *


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The American flag that Capt Kutryk displayed and waved as he taxied past the audience after completing his performance was huge! It was a wonderful tribute to the US and his gesture was received with tremendous appreciation by everyone at the airshow. Sincere congratulations to the country of Canada on its 150th Anniversary of Confederation. To all Canadians ... trust me, your RCAF Demo Team gave an astoundingly superb performance! Thanks for being at the show.
Greg Byington
Great shot, Gary! Thanks!
Well said, Gary... and indeed another *F*I*V*E* star photo capture and commentary too!!!
martin poulin
Great photo Gary!
Leon Kay
Amazing photo and thank you for the very informative comment. This deserves a 5+
I agree 5+ stars
Larry Stock
This aircraft and Capt Matthew "GLIB" Kutryk were at the Springbank Airport (CYBW) earlier this year. Matthew is one stellar pilot, we were privileged to have him and the Canadian Forces Demonstration Team the Snowbirds here with him. GREAT season boys!
Jason Belanger
Amazing pic, eh? Super proud of our RCAF!
Robert Wolff
From Canada: God bless America.
Great shot , Gary !!!
Tom Vance
mouth open and staring.......5x
Nice photo! all of your pictures are incredible!
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