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Boeing 757-200 (N408UP)


The sun had popped up over the crest of the Virginia Range Mountains behind my position and was lighting up Mt. Rose in the Sierra Nevada as well as the suburban area southwest of downtown Reno when UPS's N408UP, a B757-200, departed RTIA and climbed out from runway 16R to begin a flight to Des Moines (KDSM), IA.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Those ski runs were still deserted at 7:45 AM when I captured this click of N408UP on the climb, but the skiers were out on those slopes in large numbers less than 90 minutes later. It was a gorgeous day for skiing .... AND for spotting. ;-)
Greg Byington
Very nice, Gary!
Uwe Zinke
Hi Gary!!

Also the backround is beautiful!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Thanx, Greg. This definitely isn't the pic I intended to post, but I did not notice that I selected the wrong one and that it was uploading until it appeared afterwards. Nothing I can do about it now except send a request that it be deleted. AND ... be way more careful in the future. (Grin)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Uwe, how have you been, my friend? :-) TY for the comment. You are correct about the background, but as I just commented to Greg in my reply, this pic was erroneously uploaded.
I posted a low-light shot last week. It was a "before sunrise" snap. The a/c was landing, just about to touch down, but because it was airborne and moving, I needed a shutter speed that was fast enough to avoid blur, yet I also had to permit more ambient light. The shot came out OK.
Mark See
Hi Gary, you may of accidentally uploaded, but I think you should leave it because it looks great and I think that many others would agree as you already have 3 votes (4 with mine) and they are all 5 stars.
Ditto to the comments above, love the shot and thanks...Sam
Greg Byington
Gary, if my mistakes were this good I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore! Take care, eh!
Dwight Hartje
Awesome scene, Gary! 5*+!!!!!
Charles Fournet
Mr. Gary, Thanks for this beautiful picture.... but why do you call it's upload a mistake?
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N408UP (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
18 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Springfield () 05:16 EDT 05:18 CDT 1:02
17 июл 2019 B752Springfield ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 22:33 CDT 00:36 EDT (+1) 1:03
17 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Springfield () 05:20 EDT 05:17 CDT 0:57
16 июл 2019 B752Syracuse Hancock Intl ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 22:13 EDT 23:51 EDT 1:37
16 июл 2019 B752Albany Intl ()Syracuse Hancock Intl () 05:27 EDT 06:01 EDT 0:33
16 июл 2019 B752Philadelphia Intl ()Albany Intl () 03:55 EDT 04:36 EDT 0:40
15 июл 2019 B752Pittsburgh Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 22:23 EDT 23:13 EDT 0:50
12 июл 2019 B752Philadelphia Intl ()Pittsburgh Intl () 03:48 EDT 04:31 EDT 0:43
11 июл 2019 B752Tampa Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 21:56 EDT 23:56 EDT 2:00
11 июл 2019 B752Майами ()Tampa Intl () 19:41 EDT 20:29 EDT 0:47
11 июл 2019 B752Майами ()Tampa Intl () 19:41 EDT 20:27 EDT 0:46
11 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Майами () 15:36 EDT 17:41 EDT 2:04
11 июл 2019 B752Балтимор/Вашингтон ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 07:34 EDT 08:45 EDT 1:10
11 июл 2019 B752Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Балтимор/Вашингтон () 03:15 CDT 05:40 EDT 1:25
10 июл 2019 B752Philadelphia Intl ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 22:25 EDT 23:02 CDT 1:37
10 июл 2019 B752Балтимор/Вашингтон ()Philadelphia Intl () 05:56 EDT 06:26 EDT 0:30
10 июл 2019 B752Richmond Intl ()Балтимор/Вашингтон () 04:30 EDT 04:54 EDT 0:23
10 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Richmond Intl () 02:45 EDT 03:47 EDT 1:01
9 июл 2019 B752Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intl ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 21:36 CDT 23:43 EDT 1:07
9 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intl () 06:10 EDT 06:11 CDT 1:00
8 июл 2019 B752McGhee Tyson ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 22:03 EDT 22:39 EDT 0:35
6 июл 2019 B752Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()McGhee Tyson () 05:31 EDT 06:02 EDT 0:31
5 июл 2019 B752Winnipeg Int'l ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 19:29 CDT 22:33 EDT 2:03
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