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Bell V-22 Osprey (16-8350)


The pair of VMM 163 "Evil Eyes" MV-22B Ospreys that had been two of the weekend's parade of military metal that visited RNO are clicked here during engine start. It was over 100 degrees air temperature when 168350 (#13) and 168018 (#06) powered up to depart, but when I got "washed" in the hot exhaust, it was way, way, waaaaay more than 100 degrees. And I DO mean "washed" ... the reason the port side prop of #13 cannot be seen in this photo is because I am literally standing directly in front of its forward arc - trying to hold the camera steady. What a rush ....


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
And there was most definitely an outstanding "parade" of military a/c that passed thru RNO over the weekend: a C-17, these two Ospreys, a C-40, an A-10, and ... an E-3 Sentry (AWACS). On any other occasion, I'd have said that being able to snap ramp pics of the AWACS or of the Hog was the highlight of the weekend, but not on THIS weekend. The highlight of this weekend was being on the ramp to get up-close photographs of the nighttime (10:15 PM) "hot refuel" of these Ospreys. I'll share just as soon as I can get a bit "caught up," - I was out the entire weekend.
Gary... *F*I*V*E* stars to YOU for this photo... well done, sir!!!

There's those "Evil Eyes" (née Genie eyes) again... :-)

Thanks to our men and women serving in uniform, I am able sleep well at night!

I enjoyed your earlier comments about those "borrowed" (stolen) aircraft photos. I too was glad to see FA step up to the plate and do the "right thing". Kudos to them also!!! :-)
You're so fortunate to be able to be there for these events. Wish I could Gary.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Jet4ang .... Here's an irony that even stunned me. A few minutes ago, just as I was reading your comment here, the phone rang. So I took the call. And got an amazing surprise. It was to tell me that my access has been approved for two more years - and - (this is the part that floored me) that I am being submitted for an additional "authority." So stay in touch, Jet4, because IF (I repeat, IF) I get it, you are the only one I know of around here who wants to "be there for these events," and I may soon be in a position to make it happen - for you and for other photogs. You may get your wish ..... (Wave)
*F*I*V*E* Star CONGRATS to You, Gary!!! :-)
Bror Monberg
2 Ospreys flew over Newport Beach this Sunday afternoon...everyone on the beach for miles was fixed on these amazing aircraft as they passed about 500 ft above the shore. We frequently see Marine/Navy Sea Stallions cruise by...but first time I have seen Ospreys.
Tom Vance
New nickname for Gman" Osprey" he's got that "eye..."
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о 16-8350 (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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