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Boeing 757-200 (99-0004)


Vice President Pence arrives at Reno-Tahoe International to make a campaign visit in Nevada's capital, Carson City.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The average Joe Schmoe like me can't get any closer than this to the VP and AF2. My sincere Thanks to everyone who actually moved me much, much, MUCH closer to Air Force Two just prior to its arrival. I was so close to it here that I could really have thrown a stone and hit it as it passed me (no joke). TYVVM to all the police and SS personnel who made this shot possible.
Greg Byington
Great shot, Gary!
Tom Goedeke
That is a great photo, Gary!
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great shot and informative comment.
David Seider
You lucky devil, Mr. Schenauer. Primo locations wherever you go! ;-)
Well struck, Sir. Well struck indeed!
One of my Aunts lives in Carson City. If I can ever get out there (from Florida, with very little in the way of "mad money"), I'll drop you a note beforehand!
Great photo. Glad you got the terrain in - anyone can shoot against a blue sky.
I actually got a tour inside one of the C-32s at Andrews while W was in office. We were going to go onto the VC-25 (Air Force One), but W was actually using it! We saw him land at night. My only photo is a crappy one from a Samsung flip phone!!!
marylou anderson
Yes, thanking the security detail for close quarter picture taking might get you closer the next time...
Over all nice shot.
Tom Vance
WOW Gman............did they check your ID? ANOTHER well done Gman photo run,,!
Dave Sheehy
Excellent Gary! 5*++++
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Tom, Leon, David, R4808N, Marylou, Alien, and Dave ... Howdy. I am just now getting caught up on reading comments and replying. Greg and Leon ... Thank you very much, guys.
TOM! Wow! It has been quite a while, my friend. How have you been? I just checked - no new posts from you. Hope you have not stopped shooting .... ???? Still same email for me ( OldeCarl@gmail.com ) but I have another one now reserved exclusively for folks from FA who contact me at the OldeCarl addy. David Seider ... Please do notify me if you are ever headed this way. Currently, there are 31 spotting locations around RNO that I can take you to. And I also have access to a dozen other airports in N Nevada and central CA. It would be a pleasure to meet up, David. R4808N ... I am always interested in any pics from a fellow photog. I do understand about why you may not wish to post it if you believe it is rather poor, but I would like to view it. My e/m addy is above; if you e/m me at that addy I will reply and provide another addy reserved exclusively for contacts and photo shares with FA members. Marylou ... Actually, I did attempt to show a SS guy the pics I had just snapped, and I offered to send him a couple, but he waved me off while saying, I have seen all of them thousands of times. Alien .... Yes, they did. I have two IDs from the RNO folks and one from the WH Press Corp, and they checked them. I think that is why I was the only photog permitted in to this location. Dave S. and Cliff .... Please watch for an e/m from a different e/m addy. I have a new one I am using solely for contacts and shares with FA people and photogs.
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