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Grumman G-44 Widgeon (N41GW)
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Grumman G-44 Widgeon (N41GW)



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Bill Bailey
Magnum conversion.
@Bill, how does its performance compare with the original one using P&W round engines
Keith Barker
Nice paint works
Alan Hume
The Widgeon never had P&W Wasp radials but started life with 2 × Ranger L-440-5 air-cooled inverted six-cylinder inline engines, rated at 200 hp (150 kW) each. Wikipedia says: McKinnon Enterprises at Sandy, Oregon, converted over 70 Widgeons to "Super Widgeons". The conversion features replacing the engines with 270 hp (200 kW) Avco Lycoming GO-480-B1D flat-six piston engines, and various other modifications, including modern avionics, three-bladed propellers, larger windows, improved soundproofing, emergency exits, and increased maximum takeoff weight.
love it
ken kemper
Beautiful Tom......

Perfect Shot
William Owens
That is a perfect shot! The cowboy piloting this bird is waving!
NICE paint job, reminds me of Red's N1423.
Very pretty
Yassine Cherfouni
The modern avionics, the large windows and the weight and balance performance are awesome. As for the long run safety performance , is to be seen in the future. The two top engines are very close to each other .
Don Anklin
He's not waving his hands are on the throttles where they are suppose to be :-)
Stefan Sobol
@William Owens "That is a perfect shot! The cowboy piloting this bird is waving!"

No, the throttles are located near the front of the overhead panel. Reduces length and complications in the throttle cable run.

Where you there?? I do not care if his feet were in sneakers or flip tops.. The picture of the plane is something to behold..Thank you!!
chalet you are thinking of the Widgon's "Papa" the G-21 Goose, which was powered by a pair of P&W R-985s. It was notably bigger...
Bill Bailey
@Chalet, As was stated, the Widgeon never had P&W engines, but the Mansdorf/PACE Gannet did have R-680 Lycoming radials. They had good off the water performance, but according to some pilots I've talked to had some other unpleasant side effects I don't want to get into and start a fight (some guys loved it, most hated it).
The Magnum conversion uses the props/engines from a Piper Navajo Chieftain
de-rated to 300hp, I've only been in one. It's loud and it's fast, hearing protection for all onboard is a must. The gent I was with had taken a course on running his lean of peak and trued out on the Digital EGT/Fuel Gauge at 12 GPH per side on TIO-540s. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. It's the ultimate Widgeon conversion so far. Others have been the aforementioned McKinnon Super Widgeon, they also did 260hp and 295 hp conversions as did Singer/Link/Lockheed. J. Ray McDermott and Dean Franklin did 240 and 260 hp Continental conversions and they're were a few one offs done using both types of engines.
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