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Cessna Skyhawk (N974TA)


A crisp view above LAX from a C-172 in the LAX Class B VFR Transition Special Flight Rules -Foreground showcase the new terminal at Tom Bradley designed to accommodate the Super Jumbo A380.


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Dwight Hartje
An amazing view of LAX! Very well done!
Greg Byington
Nice job!
Robert Spearman
Just beautiful!
Philip Marshall
Great shot - noticed all the purple coloured aircraft near top of shot - any idea which airline these are?
Mark Thomas
Those are Southwest Airlines 737's Philip
absolutely a Great Shot of LAX terminals
Marcel Rivard
looks like Fedex colors at top left ramp
Don Hines
Chris Hicks
Just like all of LA - very cramped quarters!
FedEx colors, Marcel? FedEx aircraft are white with purple tails and look nothing at all like the Southwest Airlines' livery. They're also cargo birds and don't park at passenger terminals. ;)

Can't help but find a little humor in multiple people here not recognizing the very obvious livery of Southwest Airlines.
Jim Smirh
Don't be too hard on the Federal Express/Southwest confusion. Maybe these are mostly 'older' folks (like me!) who remember the original FedEx paint scheme; the top of the fuselage was all purple. From the angle of this shot, you would have seen much the same sight if the aircraft (727's AND 737's) had been parked where the Southwest are. And, although it was rare, FedEx aircraft HAVE parked at passenger terminals. I know I did, decades ago, in either Toronto or Montréal before our ramp was ready. ;-)

Apparently, purple paint is heavier than white. In a wide-body the extra weight may be considerable. Maybe they should only use "light" purple! 8+P LOL
Karter Hickling
Yes your right FedEx used to park at the infield passenger terminal at Toronto before they constructed their own cargo facility just to the north of runway 05/23. Now KF cargo uses the same abandoned passenger terminal to park, couldnt tell you why I just know they do. Also you'll see UPS at YYZ park at the one set of gates in terminal three when it isn't being used for RJ's.
Amazing photo of LAX so awesome you could fly over in your 72!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N974TA (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
21 авг 2019 C172Bob Hope ()Santa Monica Muni () 15:53 PDT 16:09 PDT 0:16
21 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Whiteman () 15:20 PDT 15:42 PDT 0:22
21 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 13:24 PDT 14:30 PDT 1:06
20 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 14:21 PDT 14:52 PDT 0:31
20 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 11:38 PDT 12:38 PDT 0:59
19 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Catalina () 14:14 PDT 14:50 PDT 0:35
18 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 18:10 PDT 18:39 PDT 0:28
18 авг 2019 C172San Bernardino Intl ()Santa Monica Muni () 15:31 PDT 16:09 PDT 0:38
18 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()San Bernardino Intl () 12:11 PDT 12:56 PDT (?) 0:45
16 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 14:08 PDT 15:21 PDT 1:12
16 авг 2019 C172Camarillo ()Camarillo () 10:39 PDT 10:47 PDT 0:08
16 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Camarillo () 09:56 PDT 10:32 PDT 0:35
13 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 11:52 PDT 12:14 PDT 0:22
12 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 14:34 PDT 15:12 PDT 0:37
11 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 16:08 PDT 16:42 PDT 0:34
11 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Hawthorne Municipal () 10:05 PDT 10:34 PDT 0:28
10 авг 2019 C172Santa Monica Muni ()Santa Monica Muni () 17:51 PDT 18:21 PDT 0:30
10 авг 2019 C172Рядом с Santa Monica, CACamarillo () 13:02 PDT 13:32 PDT 0:30
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