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Grumman Goose (N39FG)



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Um, Skyhawks are not amphibious, nor do they have two engines.
James R. Miles
This aircraft is obviously NOT a single engine Cessna 172 but is in fact a Grumman G21A GOOSE. This was the first A/C that I flew on in 1952 from West Palm Beach, FL to Walker's Cay, Bahamas. This website gets a lot of aircraft ID's incorrect as this is just one of many incorrect A/C ID's.
King F HuiPhoto Uploader
C172, Flightaware did it. CAnnot overide it.
Greg Byington
James and jobeard are correct in that this is a Grumman G-21A, serial #1059, built in 1939 - per the FAA. The ICAO code for a Grumman Goose is: G21. King, if you put G21 in the Aircraft Type field/box instead of C172 and then save it, that should fix it. However, in my experience, there are cases when the correct code is entered, and FA displays the wrong aircraft name/type. And there are aircraft that have no ICAO code. In those cases I've been entering ZZZZ which is for Unknown/Unassigned aircraft. (Someone on FA told me that. Thanks!) In any case, I hope that helps. And if I'm wrong about something, I will happily stand corrected. Oh, and nice shot, King!
Nice picture. The FAA website has the correct model/registry info for this aircraft. Not sure why the original poster didn't bother to check that.

Don Tuleja
Regardless of the aircraft ID, that is a beautiful plane and a nice photo.
Al Miller
Makes me want to sing a Jimmy Buffett song.
During my dad's service in the Army Air Corps in the early 1940's he was stationed in Guatemala City, flying all over Central America as crew chief for the Air Attache in a Goose. One day, taking off from a bay, they had just gotten up on the step when one of the wingtip floats hit something very solid in the water; the plane yawed a bit, but they got airborne. Turning to see what it was, they saw a large sea turtle with its head sticking up out of the water, looking around as if wondering, "What was THAT?" He really enjoyed that plane and all the great places it took him and the colonel.
Diana Rose
Living in Puerto Rico during the 60's and 70's Antilles Air Boats, based in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. had a fleet of these which my husband flew on for business purposes from San Juan to St. Croix and Charlotte Amalie. The 1st Officer seat was converted to a passenger seat and it was always a scramble to see who could get to the cockpit first to get that seat. Sometimes when we landed in the harbors the water would splash up onto the windows and seep into the cockpit. The pilot always had a roll of paper towel with him and handed it to us to wipe off. The owner of the airline was Charlie Blair, married to Maureen O'Hara the movie star and I believe they lived on St. Thomas. The ledgend of Charlie Blair lives on in the V.I., altho he is no longer with us nor us his wife. He always had a Catalina parked on the tarmac in St.Thomas but was not flown regularly. Forgot to mention, Antilles Airboats also delivered the San Juan Star newspaper to the outter islands during morning flights. D.R.
Michael Meek
To Mr. James R. Miles- As a youngster on vacation with my family in the FLL/MIA area around ‘53 or ‘54, I distinctly remember a G-21 being located at a seaplane base along the entrance to MacArthur Causeway (?). It was painted gray and had a picture of Bugs Bunny eating a carrot with What’s Up, Doc? under the cockpit window. Could this be the same Goose that you rode in? Wish that I could locate the photo that my Dad made of me standing next it so long ago.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N39FG (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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