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KAWASAKI OH-1 (03-2633)
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KAWASAKI OH-1 (03-2633)



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Paul Wisgerhof
Why do people think they need to place an "M" before government serial numbers? This is a Japanese Self Defense Force helicopter. If it is Flightaware that makes the N happen, then that should be chANGED.
Andrei ShmatkoPhoto Uploader
I know proper registration numbers of military aviation, incl. JGSDF helicopters, so don't show me your knowledge. F/A uploading system added extra letters to numbers, so if proper registration is your concern, contact them instead of posting comments.
Gavin Hughes
Andrei - hear, hear. FA's system is an issue and a LOT of uploaders know it so I reckon the best thing is to put the correct detail in the description and readers then get the proper information regardless of what FA's system does. Even so, there will still be people who comment about the FA detail and seemingly haven't read what the uploader puts in. I've experienced it myself.

Your photos are top quality and it's a pleasure to see them. FA's system may not handle the proper info, but we still get to see a great photo.
Andrei ShmatkoPhoto Uploader
Gavin, thanks for warm feedback & useful advice:) Adding an extra info after uploading a pic is really a solution. I'm sure FA will fix the issue with aircraft registration in future. FA recommended me to add 0 before registration if registration number is less than 6 digits.
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding shot of a JSDF OH-1, Amber! I have also encountered the FA military registration issue. It seems the FA system doesn't like any registrations shorter than six digits or one without a letter in there front. As Gavin mentioned putting the correct registration in the description works as well. Either way we are here for the great snaps, and I look forward to seeing more of your excellent shots!
Andrei ShmatkoPhoto Uploader
Many thanks, Dwight! Yeah, strange issue, but not a big deal. we'ii come up with something:)
Gavin Hughes
Andrei, thanks for the tip about putting '0' in front. MAY prove to be a solution for future reference.
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