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Piper Cherokee Arrow (N24D) - Departing Runway 26
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Piper Cherokee Arrow (N24D)


Departing Runway 26


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Paul Wisgerhof
WACO YMF-F5C built in 2013.
Wayne Arnold
How many aircraft owner's and pilot's have hit there state's lotto, because I just don't understand where people get the money and time to even attempt a project like that, I mean everybody can't be a doctor and lawyer or Indian chief -what's the secret -I've worked harder then most and I'm 57 yrs old -done better then alot of people -but still can't even afford a mid 60s 172 w/a o-300 in it, I have a little 150 and need to upgrade on account of my size-if I have a 160 lb passenger I got to stop every hour and a half for fuel- that get's you no where -I can us a car and get there faster, not near the view but faster anyways -someone share the secret, loxahcefig@gmail.com THANK'S or if you know any deals on a older(as described earlier) 172
silverio califano
I am with Wayne in his comment below. Is it an all consuming passion as compared to every day life? Do people mortgage themselves to the hilt? Anyway, if they can do it, good for them.
C Anderson
Wayne Arnold: Faithfully read Trade-A-Plane and, over time, buy all the bits and pieces of the plane you want. Take the long view, understanding that restoring any aircraft isn't just one big expensive job -- its lots of smaller mostly more affordable jobs. And when you get all those small jobs done, you have the finished restoration you always wanted. Or win the lotto and pay someone else to do it (which doesn't sound all that bad either).
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N24D (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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