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73-1676 —
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73-1676 —



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Alexander Viduetsky
Larry Toler
I used to see these overnight at RAF Mildenhall back in the early '90's. I think they had their own SP's guarding it. No one could go close to it. Surprisingly our civilian fleet services sub contractor was the only one who could "service" the aircraft. I guess they didn't trust our airmen, lol.
Paul Wisgerhof
REF: Larry Toler. The problem with your airmen wasn't a lack of trust. They didn't have the security clearances needed for access to the aircraft. The civilian contractor staff did.
Jim Quinn
Is this the Looking Glass aircraft?
Justin Miner
REF: Jim Quinn - No, this is the National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC). The Looking Glass aircraft were initially EC-135s and were active until about 1991, with the disbanding of the Strategic Air Command, the Looking Glass mission continued with USSTRATCOM, but was a bit different. The E-6B aircraft (TACAMO) now performs the mission similar to what Looking Glass previously performed.
Jeff Grindstaff
These beauties were home based at Offutt AFB, NE when I was stationed there in the 80’s. We had four assigned but one was always gone. These were the E4-B perhaps the designation has changed. They were the NEACP then, National Emergency Airborne Command Post.
We also supported the Looking glass mission from Offut during my time there.
ken kemper
Awesome Talbert !!
Will Sutton
When still enlisted, I worked as a KC-135 Flight Simulator tech at Barksdale and would sometimes get incentive flights with Instructor Pilots that worked the Sim. I forget the exact year, but between 1977 and 1979, the second flight I was on was part of mission to support a 24 hour shakedown cruise of the first E-4B model. We were in one tanker of a 2-tanker cell from Barksdale and I got to see it approach the other tanker first, from about a mile to the side of us, and then I was in the boom pod to see its approach to take on a load from us. Somewhere I still have a roll of 8mm film of the whole thing, but I don't think any of my still photos survived. Four or five years later, as a 1st Lt, I was assigned to SAC Hq and saw these beauties almost daily.
Nightwatch -Such a great callsign!
You can take a tour on YouTube. I was shocked to see that video. When W. was in office, I had a VIP tour of Joint Base Andrews. W. was using AF1 so we couldn't go on it. I did go on one of the C-32s AF2. We were not allowed to bring cameras on. Don't know why, it was a very mundane aircraft. The only thing that really stood out on the C-32 from a normal 757 was the VIP stateroom and the bank of comms where 1st class would be...
whoa. awesome!
This shot is really spectacular. Easily the best I've ever seen of an E4B.
Viewed in full the 2 aerials running from halfway up the leading edge of the vertical stabiliser all the way down to the top of the mid fuselage are clearly visible. On some airframes they might have been for HF, but they may be for something else on the E4B.
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