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The Wings of Freedom Tour!!! Support these guys!!!


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Alan Brown
Great group photo!!
martin adams
Fantastic collection!
Peter West
Great image Ryan! What was the exposure and shutter speed? 5* image
David Apps
Magnificent shot. You people in the US don't know how fortunate you are to be able to see things like this in your own backyard.
belle Image
greg presley
Great pictures. Where was it taken ?
Great group pictures!!!
Bill A
A pic for the ages! Beautiful birds!
Jason Belanger
Beautiful ladies!!
Fazal Khan
Is there a way I can get a wall poster of this picture ?
Stephen Walford
Brilliant photo!
carlos garcia
How much history with these planes.
Great and beautiful photo.
Great shot.
David Malsher
Well that needs to be made into a poster. Fantastic shot of fantastic planes
Larry Hinton
This photo is from the Collings Foundation itself. I receive emails directly and this photo was in a recent email announcing this years confirmed tour cities and cities yet to be confirmed.

When the tour comes to the Seattle area, I make a point to pay for an “introductory” flight and take controls of the B-25, Tondelayo. I have logged three hours and five landings in that aircraft and flown it from both left and right seats.
Neil Klapthor
That's is one truly awesome picture! Love those old warbirds.
Ryan Kehler
From one Ryan to another, that is a great photo!!!
Joe Wood
Beautiful but, not a photo. Well, it is a photo, but of a painting. Which is magnificent in it's own right.
Gary Long
William L. Pickett Jr.
Excellent photo, just need to add either or both Doc and Fifi.
Scott Sheeler
Take a flight with the WOFT. I'm confident you won't ask for your money back!
jesse kyzer
THANK YOU! to everyone who helps keep these Ol birds flying.


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