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North American P-51 Mustang — - Taken at the old Flying Tiger Field at Toco, Texas in 1973. I thought at one time I had some info on "In God We Trust" but can't find anything about it now.
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North American P-51 Mustang —


Taken at the old Flying Tiger Field at Toco, Texas in 1973. I thought at one time I had some info on "In God We Trust" but can't find anything about it now.


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Gavin Hughes
Information or not, pic is worth a thousand words and 5 stars.
Peter West
Great image Don! The P-51 a classic fighter nearly as famous as the Spitfire
Bill Bailey
Looking at the rudder I wonder if that isn't the CAF's P-51 in movie paint. It was way past the time for active P-51s.
Alan Brown
Great picture. Thanks!
Don FitzgeraldPhoto Uploader
Thank you so much Gavin and Peter. We may be pilots, passengers, engineers, mechanics, or enthusiast but the lore of Spitfires, Mustangs, Gooney Birds, Connies, and Cubs binds all of us together in this fascination of flight and photographing the "laughter silvered wings" with which we do it. We are all so fortunate to be able to live these lives that revolve around aviation. Both of you take truly inspirational photographs. Thanks again.
Don FitzgeraldPhoto Uploader
Thanks Alan and Bill. You are very possibly right, Bill. The field at one time housed a museum of flying "warbirds" in which you could take rides and even instruction.
Did a quick google search. Here is the history on the airframe. Its in Germany now.
Ron Nash
Google "Isaac Newton Burchinal" to find out more about the crazy character who started off in the Coast Guard, became a crop duster, stunt pilot, Baptist preacher, and the saviour of many warbirds that would have otherwise gone to the scrappers. The founder of the Flying Tigers Air Museum, Paris TX.

A great story on his operation below, it runs to seven pages.
Dan Chiasson
The B&W makes it that much more arresting and impressive.
Ken Fedder
Just love the P-51. I can here it now! Thanks Don.
jesse kyzer
Some history at: http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=18207
Beautiful in any color - or no color. With all due respect to Peter West, this is the ultimate WWII fighter!
Wow! This is one of those great posts that I love to read.
Thanks to ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!
serge LOTH
Good old one!!! by the way thank you to all engineers who still maintain these old warbirds in the world.. Without warbirds ;.. no Airshows..
ken kemper

Agree with Gavin / a 5 Star pic.


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