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N151 — - Low pass Sola airport Stavanger Norway ENZV/SVG on its last flight from Yellowknife Canada to Norway 02.06.2020
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N151 —


Low pass Sola airport Stavanger Norway ENZV/SVG on its last flight from Yellowknife Canada to Norway 02.06.2020


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Paul Wisgerhof
The DC-6B went out of production in 1958 with 286 built. This may have been one of the last.
Alan Brown
Thank you for this photo. It isn't often that you get to see the end of an era in aircraft flight and have a photo of it also.
Beautiful. What airline.
Chris Bryant
Really nice shot.
I never realized how much of a cantilever the DC-6 had.
a mentor
@Chris Bryant; I believe you are referencing "dihedral"
"In aeronautics, dihedral is the angle between the left and right wings (or tail surfaces) of an aircraft." see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihedral_(aeronautics)

A cantilever is a surface anchored at only one end while the other just hangs there in free space without support.
Robert Cowling
That angle is important...
Ken Hardy
Reminds me of the movie The High and The Mighty with John Wayne a classic DC 6's and 7's were classic stick and rudder aircraft the R 2800's sounded like a real airplane motor complete with a little oil leaking
sal derosa
This picture makes my heart race! I was an aircraft maintainer in the USAF (72-92). Spent many days and nights with rag in hand wiping oil leaks! But she sure was a beauty, clean or dirty!
ken kemper
Superb Ralf

Makes me think it is 1955 again
Sola airport?
serge LOTH
FANTASTIC SHOT of the great beast!! I hear the Pratt roaring!! (classic music!!) 5*
David Marshall
Was this the DC6 Skymaster.
Will Sutton
With the Iditarod Campion and his dogs on board?!
Rick Hoffman
Beautiful shot ! Nailed the prop blurr.
Ben Edwards
Would you email me the full pixel file so I can print in large format?

fantastic shot of a beautiful plane we don't see anymore! well done!!
Chuck Pergiel
Looking at Google Maps, I cannot find a place that looks like this. There are some houses across the water from the north end of the north-south runway, but they are pretty far away. The ones in this photo look closer.
Gavin Hughes
Hi Chuck, the houses are over 4 km from the threshold, and judging only from what appears to be the photographer's position, over 7 km away. With a long tele lens the distance is compressed making the background look closer. My guess is the shot may have been taken with at least a 400 mm lens, quite possibly even longer.
Beautiful shot! She was built in 1958.

When I was in college I flew a couple of times on American DC-6B's coast to coast - LAX to LGA. The DC-6's had to stop at MDW. I later had one trip on a DC-7 - LAX to IDL non-stop in only 9 hours!
Mark Ryalls
Beautiful shot of a classic.
Chuck Pergiel
Iditarod winner flew home on this flight: https://pergelator.blogspot.com/2020/06/flying-home.html
Kenneth Scott
Just happened to have watched a video of this magnificent aircraft arriving, refueling, and departing Yellowknife on an episode of Mikey McBryan's (Buffalo Airways) PLANE SAVERS from 01 June 2020. Going to a good home. Grew up watching the military versions back in the day.
Robert Ferguson
There are still quite a few of these great airplanes flying all over Alaska with Everts Air Cargo. The lots around their Fairbanks facility have more than 20 in storage along with the 10 or so that still fly.
James Driskell
The High and the Mighty flew DC-4s, not DC-6s!
Robert Vik
Great photo. That route is almost 3500 miles. Is that really in the unrefueled range of the DC-6? Good grief.
Robert Ferguson
with 5404 gallon capacity, the range is a bit over 4000 miles. About 16.5 hours.
Robert Cowling
And thank Ford for dihedral.

In ground school, the instructor said that 'the plane WANTS to fly, too many pilots fight it into the ground'. We went through several cases he had, and so many were incidents where he said the pilot(s) overreacted, and all they had to do was to 'let go of the yoke'.

The dihedral angles are there to equalize the lift on each wing, and as long as you aren't 'outside of the envelope', letting go of the yoke *could* allow the plane to center itself in the lift from both wings. He said it was somewhat of an oversimplification, but, unless the plane was already in a really bad position, or in serious weather, most incidents would recover fine of the pilot(s) just trusted the plane. It wants to fly. It's designed to fly. It's very comforting to know that, and to see the wings lift so much after takeoff. It's also funny to hear people, surprised at the flex of the wings, as they see the wings flexing upwards. Hearing people comment that 'those wings sure are flexing quite a bit. Are we safe?' Yeah, usually. Sometimes they flap like a bird! :-D

Thank Ford for physics. If you violate those laws, the penalties are pretty harsh. Cheers!
Barry Maurer
...those were the days, no "Bitching Betty" telling you to wipe your nose before lowering the gear..the only system control computers on board belonged the folk in the pointy end ;0)
Peter Mitchell
I spent many happy days flying DC-6Bs including this one when she was "Tanker 47" at Conair
malachi milu
cool heads up lol
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