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David Craig
Fantastic shot!
Holy cow, when I first saw this I thought it was my photo.... I had to go look at mine to be sure that it wasn't the same..... (http://fineartamerica.com/featured/take-that-maverick-wes-grady.html)
Harry Ellett
Of course, the Thunder Birds and the Blue Angels have been photographed by so many over the years, and this particular formation has been photographed many, many times. It is always a beautiful shot no matter who or how many times the photo is taken, I love the shot. In October of 1973 I was chosen to go on a TDY trip supporting the TBs on a tour of Central and South America. I flew with the tanker support for the trip. It was the best TDY trip of my entire Air Force career. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed that trip! Oh, they were flying new F-4C Phantoms on that trip.
Harry Ellett
Please excuse my old memory slips, on the trip to Central and South America in 1973 they were flying F-4E Phantoms.
Beautiful shot of the Calyispo pass!
Denis Glaux
Yes indeed - fantastic shot !!!
Denis Glaux
Yes indeed ! Fantastic shot !!!
Thierry Dehennin
What I don't understand (but I am not familiar with these things), the upper jet is hanging upside down but the number "5" on the plane is still readable (I should expect that the number would also be upside down !).
Mitchell Nichols
Thierry Dehennin, that is pilot Nicholas Eberman - not sure on spelling. He grew up near me and his Dad was a thunderbird pilot. He is usually flying upside down - hence they put his number on upside down.
Luc Barbier
At first I thought a photoshopped image ...
But in fact, on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc9IeWOCX-w
"A day with the most talented US" Stunt "drivers: US Air Force Thunderbirds"
at 1'22 " the reversed "5" is clealy seen on the landed plane...
David Solarsick
Back in about 1965, 66 or 67?, not sure what year, the Blue Angles were doing a show at Jacksonville NAS and the T-Birds were doing a show at Eglin AFB on the same day. I believe it was Memorial day weekend, not sure there either.
When the BAs finished their show and were returning to home base at Pensacola,, the T-birds took off again and they rendezvoused with the BAs out over the Gulf and did two formation flybys along the coast in front of the Eglin Officer’s Beach Club. One double diamond and a double V. And I didn’t have a camera!
Harry Ellett
David, I am sure that would have been a great shot.


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