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More air travel means more plane maintenance

Houston, Texas (CNN) -- "Your flight has been delayed due to a mechanical problem" -- it is something a passenger never really wants to hear especially during Thanksgiving week. ( Ещё...

Sang Le
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sparkie624 3
Kind of incorrect on that one... More People traveling has nothing to do with it. Flying same routes full or empty means the same amount of maintenance.
jul737 3
It can because if those flights are charters(because not all the people could get on the normal scheduled flight) then those planes will be flying more
Chris Murray 2
That author has to learn the difference between "hanger" and "hangar"
sparkie624 2
I have found a lot of people who do not appear to know the difference, even those who work in field... I asked one young co-pilot where he was going to hang the plane... He never got it... LOL...


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