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United Boeing 767 at Geneva on Dec 17th 2017, flap problem

A United Boeing 767-300, registration N665UA performing flight UA-956 (Dep Dec 16th) from Newark,NJ (USA) to Geneva (Switzerland) with 213 people on board, was on a baseleg at 7000 feet to intercept the localizer for runway 23 when the crew reported a flaps problem and requested to do a 360 degrees orbit. (www.aeroinside.com) Ещё...

Power outage cripples Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport

(CNN)A power outage at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest airport, is leaving thousands of passengers stranded and planes grounded indefinitely. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for flights to Atlanta at 11:30 a.m. ET Sunday, meaning that planes are being held at their departure airports, according to a tweet on the airport's verified Twitter account. Departures from the airport are delayed because electronic equipment is not working… (www.cnn.com) Ещё...