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Join the beta testing for the upcoming FlightAware iOS app

FlightAware is currently beta testing the upcoming version 5.3.3 of our iOS flight tracking app. This new version adds a few minor features as well as a few bug fixes. If you would like to volunteer to join the testing of this upcoming release, comment in either this squawk or the linked forum post so that we can add you. We are planning on some bigger iOS releases in the next few months, so you will also be automatically included in the testing opportunities of those as well. (discussions.flightaware.com) Ещё...

The Cure For America’s ‘Third-World’ Airports: Private capital

President Donald Trump has signaled he thinks private investment is the solution to the nation’s infrastructure woes. And he has outlined a way to draw it off the sidelines. Critics of public-private partnerships say that only low-risk, lucrative projects will fly. Proponents say that they can speed up what can be a cumbersome process, accelerating public works projects and bringing a sense of competitive capitalism—and accountability—to projects that could use them. (www.politico.com) Ещё...


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