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French government confirms C-130J buy

France has confirmed its purchase of four Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules tactical transports, two of which will have the ability to refuel France’s rotorcraft fleet. (www.flightglobal.com) Ещё...

MN-483 suffers bird strike

A Kulula Boeing 737-800, registration ZS-ZWA performing flight MN-483 from Lanseria to Cape Town (South Africa), was climbing out of Lanseria’s runway 25 when the left hand engine (CFM56) ingested a guinea fowl causing damage to fan blades. (www.aviationgazette.com) Ещё...

OR-456 has flaps problem

A TUI Airlines Nederland Boeing 737-800, registration PH-TFD performing flight OR-456 (scheduled dep Feb 5th) from Banjul (Gambia) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), was on approach to Amsterdam when the crew stopped the descent at 3000 feet reporting problems with the flaps. The aircraft entered a hold while the crew worked the checklists and used alternate extension for the flaps. (www.aviationgazette.com) Ещё...


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