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Emirates Takes Heed from EK521 Tragedy: Tweaks Safety Video in Attempt to Change Passenger Behaviour

Emirates has taken heed from the GCAA’s report into the crash landing of EK521 and the observed behaviour of their passengers. In the latest iteration of their safety video, Emirates has added a short but vitally important point, reminding passengers to leave all carry on bags behind in the event of an emergency evacuation. (www.paddleyourownkanoo.com) Ещё...

jets scramble to protect Palm Beach no fly zone

Sonic boom makes local news as military jet investigate no fly zone. Residents panic due to loud noise (www.local10.com) Ещё...

Meet the 31-year-old Pegasus Airlines pilot who has become an Instagram sensation

Nobody knows travel better than a pilot. And 31-year-old Eser Aksan Erdogan, a pilot for Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus, has garnered a following for sharing her jet-setting life on Instagram. Some 29.4k followers track her and her husband Volkan’s movements around the world, from photos in the cockpit to beautiful images of the destinations where her plane touches down. (www.airlineboarding.net) Ещё...

Actor Harrison Ford lands plane on Taxiway at John Wayne (KSNA)

Actor Harrison Ford lands in error on a taxiway instead of runway 20L he had been cleared for. (www.nbcnews.com) Ещё...


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