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Historic Flight Foundation's Grumman F7-F Tigercat on Kilo 7, Paine Field, Everett, Wa.


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Dave Sheehy
Nice shot Doug!
doug ogle Photo Uploader
Thanks Dave. Nice shots in your portfolio also.
Ed Ritchey
serge LOTH
Gorgious aircraft and picture Doug..
pat prendergast
Great Photo, is that Bad Kitty flying it?
John Rumble
Kermit Weeks had one ...I wonder what happened to it?
Joe Wood
If you click the full screen??...Duck!
John Turanin
Terrific photo,thanks so much for this.
Makes me wonder if the F7F would have outperformed the P-38 in the Pacific had the war continued. Would have been deployed differently, but would have made its mark.

Certainly hate to think of the rest of the circumstances of that scenario, but it seems like the F7F could have ruled the air over Japan along with the F6F and F4U if it had come to that. Thank God it did't.


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