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Beechcraft 35 Bonanza (N909H)




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John Silva
Taken by people intruding on your private lives. Your permission should be required to post pictures like this. This is very upsetting.
John Silva
Taken by people intruding on your private lives. Your permission should be required to post pictures like this. This is very upsetting.
Mr. Silva, your privacy concerns as the owner of this airplane are understood, but it is not a violation of any law as I understand to take photos of general aviation aircraft in the United States.

Someone's right to post the photo might be a matter of debatable opinion, but I'm not aware of any laws that prohibit this as your personal identity was not given nor revealed by the photo owner and uploader... nor is there any recognizable face in this photo image.

You might consult with Flight Aware if you feel this photo should be taken down.

However, there's another photo of your Bonanza at this same airport as was uploaded by a different FA member almost a year ago.

The fact that you are listed as the owner of this Beechcraft is an item of published and searchable public information that's on a Federal website... and quite easily referenced.

I'm not trying to be argumentative... just wanted to illuminate some considerations on the other side of the proverbial coin.
sam kuminecz
I agree with cliff
if this was a private field that's one thing, but taken at a KFUL, a Public Facility, or over 83 feet of your house (yes that's the law), its not considered Castle status. therefor its not protected by any laws for photographers
if you don't want your aircraft photographed, park it in a hangar and lock the doors.
Roy Hunte
The fact that he picked this up 6 years after it was posted is absolutely hilarious!
sam kuminecz
if the military has no issue with photographers at KOSH takin photos of a U-2, then why not a Beech?
Roy Hunte
Just cant figure out why he would think the pic is a violation of his privacy!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N909H (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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