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Boeing 757-200 (N421UP)


Off runway 34L and on the climb, UPS's N421UP departs Reno in the first hour of full daylight enroute to Louisville (KSDF).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
After finishing up my morning of spotting, I went home and the next day I d-led the pics and looked them over. And it was only then that I noticed the copilot. In this pic, and in the three snaps previous to this one AND in the next five snaps taken after this one in the sequence, he is looking at me. I wasn't certain at first, but I noted that even as the B752 passed by my position his head continued to turn so he could see me. And then I began wondering ... when he first noticed me, did he perhaps think that I was holding a drone controller in my hands? Until I saw him definitely watching me in this series, I had never thought of it, but I suppose that pilots are especially alert nowadays to anything that looks like someone is flying a drone near an airport. And they certainly have every reason to be wary: twice in the past five days the air tankers being used to fight wildfires near here have been grounded because drones were sighted. And just over a week ago, a drone came within 150 feet of a Washoe County police helicopter making a water drop. In the future, I'll try to make it more evident that I'm holding a camera and not a drone controller.
Scot Wattawa
It is possible. The best one I have was a C-130 and there were two crew members looking at the lower cheek windows at me when I was taking pictures.
Scot Wattawa
Nice shot by the way.....
Mark See
Another EXCELLENT shot Gary!<br /><br />I wouldn't worry too much about him thinking you were a drone operator because I know you spot with a scanner and you would have definitely heard him tell the tower if he thought anything of the sort, my guess would be that he was just interested in the fact that you were taking pictures of the a/c. Don't get me wrong drones scare the H*** out of me as a pilot because they are so small and hard to see, not to mention that a lot of people operating them probably got them from Radio Shack and have no idea that they are interfering with a/c. I'm not sure if it is the same up by you or if this was just for a shot time, but down here we had a fairly serious problem with drones in the mountains just to the north of the approach path to LAX (and the LA Basin area is also the second busiest GA airspace behind NY), so the Air Force was authorized for a while to just go and shoot them down provided they were over non- populated areas and considered mostly safe to do so... not sure if they actually shot any down or if that authorization still exists, but it did for a time.
Greg Byington
Very nice picture, Gary! And I'm guessing he could tell you were using a camera. You wouldn't be holding the drone controls up in front of your face. He might have even seen you out there before on a previous trip. But it probably is a valid concern.
Dave Sheehy
Great picture Gary! 5*++
Roy Hunte
Maybe he was wishing he was in your shoes Gary, taking pics of that beautiful aircraft!
Frank Gollner
Hope the Co-Pilot wasn't PIC, great shot Gary!
Jim Newton
Speaking of air tankers; has anyone seen the latest of the &quot;Big Birds&quot;? See the Video:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Converted-747-Now-Largest-Firefighter-226180-1.html">http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Converted-747-Now-Largest-Firefighter-226180-1.html</a>
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N421UP (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
13 ноя 2018 B752El Paso Intl ()Ontario Intl () 20:20 MST 20:51 PST Вылет по расписанию
13 ноя 2018 B752Laredo Intl ()El Paso Intl () 19:50 CST 20:00 MST 1:09
13 ноя 2018 B752Louisville Intl ()Laredo Intl () 16:39 EST 18:38 CST 2:59
13 ноя 2018 B752Tampa Intl ()Louisville Intl () 08:06 EST 09:43 EST 1:36
13 ноя 2018 B752Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Tampa Intl () 02:30 CST 05:18 EST 1:47
12 ноя 2018 B752Орландо ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 21:17 EST 22:31 CST 2:14
9 ноя 2018 B752Даллас/Форт-Уэрт ()Орландо () 02:49 CST 05:39 EST 1:50
8 ноя 2018 B752San Bernardino Intl ()Даллас/Форт-Уэрт () 20:28 PST 00:39 CST (+1) 2:10
8 ноя 2018 B752Ontario Intl ()San Bernardino Intl () 19:16 PST 19:24 PST 0:08
8 ноя 2018 B752Portland Intl ()Ontario Intl () 15:05 PST 17:14 PST 2:08
8 ноя 2018 B752Portland Intl ()San Bernardino Intl () 15:05 PST Перенаправлен
8 ноя 2018 B752Ontario Intl ()Portland Intl () 12:10 PST 14:10 PST 1:59
7 ноя 2018 B752Philadelphia Intl ()Ontario Intl () 14:57 EST 17:33 PST 5:35
7 ноя 2018 B752Финикс Скай-Харбор ()Philadelphia Intl () 06:21 MST 11:52 EST 3:30
7 ноя 2018 B752Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Финикс Скай-Харбор () 02:41 CST 04:58 MST 3:17
6 ноя 2018 B752Сан-Антонио ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 21:59 CST 23:59 CST 1:59
6 ноя 2018 B752Литтл-Рок ()Сан-Антонио () 07:58 CST 09:18 CST 1:19
6 ноя 2018 B752Louisville Intl ()Литтл-Рок () 05:19 EST 05:30 CST 1:11
2 ноя 2018 B752Литтл-Рок ()Louisville Intl () 22:46 CDT 00:49 EDT (+1) 1:03
2 ноя 2018 B752Mc Allen Miller Intl ()Литтл-Рок () 20:39 CDT 22:15 CDT 1:36
2 ноя 2018 B752Louisville Intl ()Mc Allen Miller Intl () 05:00 EDT 06:40 CDT 2:39
1 ноя 2018 B752Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intl ()Louisville Intl () 21:20 CDT 23:14 EDT 0:54
1 ноя 2018 B752Louisville Intl ()Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intl () 05:25 EDT 05:46 CDT 1:20
31 окт 2018 B752Ванкувер ()Louisville Intl () 18:00 PDT 00:37 EDT (+1) 3:36
31 окт 2018 B752Boeing Field Intl ()Ванкувер () 06:23 PDT 06:59 PDT 0:35
31 окт 2018 B752Louisville Intl ()Boeing Field Intl () 02:50 EDT 04:14 PDT 4:23
30 окт 2018 B752Ванкувер ()Louisville Intl () 17:57 PDT 00:38 EDT (+1) 3:41
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