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Boeing 747-400 (VP-BCI)



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Gary Schenauer
This is an ultra-superior photo. (To truly appreciate the superb quality and scene depiction of this snap, I recommend viewing it at FULL size.) An astounding shot! Check out how wonderfully the wing is reflected. And IF there was ANY editing done, then it is so subtle that it is undetectable! Not a hint of halo around the aircraft (halo is the most common, and obvious, indicator that a pic has been overedited), the colors are 1000% "true" to reality, and the clarity is totally pure. The shadows indicate the photog would have had to deal with brightly lit and contrastingly dark lighting conditions, and no one could have shot this scene better than this. Peter, this is a calendar shot, a poster pic, and a 20 * photograph!
Peter Maassen Photo Uploader
Poeh, poeh, what a nice comment on my picture! Thanks Gary. It also has to do with being on the right place at the best moment. Sun exactly on the nose etc. Info on picture: 5D-MrkII-f8-1/2000sec-310mm. The picture was a cut-out. Thats why I like full-frame, to keep good quality on the part you need even when it is a quarter of the picture.
James Ogunbamowo
It is beautiful and mighty B747. But you need to show the side wings and the tail part of the aeroplane to complement the good work of ultra-superior photo. I recommend viewing it at full size. Thanks
Peter Maassen Photo Uploader
Thanks for your reaction. Advice you to look for the two other pictures of the VP-BCI.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о VP-BCI (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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