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Tomer Ariav
I can identify three of these planes: P-38, Grumman torpedo bomber and P-51. The one at closest plane is a ? to me.
Tomer Ariav
Looks like another P-51. Am I mistaken?
jim gevay
Of course it's a P-51, just an earlier B or C model.
John Galloway
P-38 lightning / F4U Corsair / P-51 mustang / earlier mustang
Here's what you have... from foreground receding to background:

P-51A Mustang - Allison powered
P-51D Mustang - Packard Merlin powered
F4U-1A Corsair - Pratt & Whitney powered
P-38J Lightning - Allison powered
Anders Magrioteli
Holy cow! Those birds are pretty.
Robert Carver
A very cool four-pack of classic WWII warbirds!
john cook
Cliff731 Has it right.
You can see all these Fly up at The Reno Air Races + a lot more!
Mindy Feldscher
Is this print available for purchase? These are my husband's favorite- all in one picture !
Dwight Hartje
Beautiful set of the best WWII aircraft! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
Matt Winhall
love, Love, LOVE this!!!
sam kuminecz
Cliff is right on again..P-51A with markings of the 1st air commando group
sam kuminecz
You can tell it's an A because of the 3 blade propeller, and the intake above the engine, Allison engine has a different sound than the Merlin...same sound as a P-40
Sam, thanks for the kind words... and you are right about the P-51 "A" model. Too, it's fairly easy to confuse a P-51A with the A-36A, unless the latter's dive brakes are visible, which I'm sure you already know!
sam kuminecz
Cliff, that A-36 still flying? Collings foundation owns it


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