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Airbus A380-800 (G-XLEH)


BA213 SUPER Landing RWY 22L


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Mark Thomas
Well, you can't get much closer than that!! Nice shot John!
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Mark !
Great shot !!!
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Vaides Radu Sorin !
Grant MacGregor
Why is nose gear not on the tarmac ?
Grant MacGregor
End of take off roll ?
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
It's a landing
Peter Singh
Beauty shot but it's got to be a take off..no smoke from the tyres if it's landing
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you. It's a landing. Note the inboard thrust reverser.
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
I will post another picture of the sequence with some tire smoke
Peter Singh
Yeh inboard reverse thruster open,nice one mate,and again beauty shot
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Thank you Peter !
John MarottaPhoto Uploader
Nice shot John. Can anybody tell me why only the inboard reversers are applied on the A380? Are they even fitted to the outboard engines? If they aren't, why not? If they are , why aren't they used? My guess is something to do with heavy takeoff rejection in which case all thrust reversers are applied, otherwise just the inboard two are activated for normally landings. Perhaps A380 wingspan is the culprit with too many rwy landing lights blown away but that cant be true since takeoffs obviously use all four engines and damage would be far greater from them. Anyway, beats me. Anybody know?

Viv Pike
@ Lordfarringdon - this is what Airspace Magazine had to say about this, and I quote:

"With the Airbus A380 weighing in fully loaded at 1,265,000 pounds, you might think stopping it within a reasonable distance after landing would require a Phalanx of Heavy-duty thrust reversers.

Truth be told, in the megaliner’s braking system, thrust reversers are the least critical components. Airliners are not required to have thrust reversers, and only the two inboard engines on the A380 are equipped with them. The decision not to install reversers on the A380’s two outboard engines saved weight and lowered the chances that those engines, which sometimes hang over runway edges, would be damaged by ingesting foreign objects.

The two reversers do help slow the A380—but not by much. In fact, unlike the thrust reversers on most airliners, including the Boeing 747 jumbo, they do not stop the aircraft in a shorter distance than brakes and spoilers alone. They do, however, take some of the strain off the brakes and are useful if water or snow makes the runway slippery."
Thanks Viv! That clears that mystery up!!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о G-XLEH (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Пункт отправления Пункт назначения Вылет Прилет Длительность
19 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Майами () 14:35 GMT 20:09 EDT В пути
18 мар 2019 A388OR Tambo Int'l ()Хитроу () 22:24 SAST 07:08 GMT (+1) 10:43
17 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()OR Tambo Int'l () 22:08 GMT 10:32 SAST (+1) 10:24
16 мар 2019 A388Лос-Анджелес ()Хитроу () 23:11 PDT 16:10 GMT (+1) 9:58
16 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Лос-Анджелес () 16:26 GMT 20:02 PDT 10:35
15 мар 2019 A388OR Tambo Int'l ()Хитроу () 20:31 SAST 05:09 GMT (+1) 10:37
14 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()OR Tambo Int'l () 18:46 GMT 07:00 SAST (+1) 10:14
13 мар 2019 A388Лос-Анджелес ()Хитроу () 22:59 PDT 15:25 GMT (+1) 9:26
13 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Лос-Анджелес () 15:53 GMT 20:08 PDT 11:14
12 мар 2019 A388Чанги ()Хитроу () 23:42 +08 05:27 GMT (+1) 13:45
11 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Чанги () 19:32 GMT 16:12 +08 (+1) 12:39
10 мар 2019 A388OR Tambo Int'l ()Хитроу () 22:19 SAST 07:04 GMT (+1) 10:44
9 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()OR Tambo Int'l () 21:39 GMT 10:11 SAST (+1) 10:31
9 мар 2019 A388Лос-Анджелес ()Хитроу () 00:22 PST 17:58 GMT 9:36
8 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Лос-Анджелес () 18:45 GMT 21:25 PST 10:39
8 мар 2019 A388Чхеклапкок ()Хитроу () 00:24 HKT 04:46 GMT 12:21
6 мар 2019 A388Хитроу ()Чхеклапкок () 21:36 GMT 16:36 HKT (+1) 10:59
5 мар 2019 A388Майами ()Хитроу () 21:57 EST 10:37 GMT (+1) 7:40
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