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Douglas DC-9-10 (N3304L)


scanned from postcard


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Kirk Tuttle
Actually, it is a DC-9-14
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
I know that but it's still a DC91 for intl standard
The original Regional Jet.
I flew the -30 but rode on -10 into and out of Pensacola during flight training.('70's).
Hugh Somsen
Flew early D.C. 9, Southern Airways SNA to LES and back. Then read about a Southern Airways crash. At least I made it home.
Bill Tanksley
Anyone notice the red in the Delta "widget" is to the aft of the blue instead of below it (which was the actual logo)? That was only done on the DC-9-14's Delta received. They changed back to the red on the bottom by the time they received the DC-9-32s. I saw this aircraft overhead as it arrived and departed ATL while growing up. Delta eventually sold their -14's to Southern Airways.
How cool would it be for DL to do a retro jet in these colors on one of their 717s?
Leon Artac
Enough of the post card rip offs! If you didn't take the pic then don't post it! It isn't photography, it's using someone's work. Could be copyrighted as well.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
The post cards are from a publisher in west Germany which hasn't been around in 30 years. I tag they are scanned from postcards. What's your deal Leon?
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Leon, you joined this site a few months ago. I've been on here over 10 years and been posting these postcards for a few years now.
Sam... keep sharing those postcard photos with us! :-)

Leon Artac... Sam has never uploaded a postcard photo without providing full disclosure and proper attribution.

Such photo images are a rich contribution to the historical review of earlier airline travel and aviation.

I am glad that Sam shares this with us!

sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Thanks cliff. I've noticed he hasn't posted any photos. Just complaints.
I enjoy seeing pictures of historical aircraft that I probably wouldn't have seen if you didn't post them. I'm sure a lot of other people appreciate seeing them too. Keep it up.
Sam - you are very welcome and I look forward to seeing more historic aviation postcard images uploaded!
@ Leon Artac.....Lighten up Francis!!!
People like you is the very reason why there are more Horses' Asses than horses!
Chris Collinsworth
Who cares what Leon thinks....I like seeing these old pics....
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Thanks chris. I think 99.9999999% of people love the classics
Leon it's not copy right he is giving the person credit by saying it is not his HE IS SAYING ITS NOT HIS PICTURE SO ITS NOT COPY RIGHT!!!copyright is taking someone else's picture and saying it's yours what he is doing is not copyright. I love these historical photos it takes me to a era it was too late to see and experience.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
I saved 1000s of postcards that were on their way to the dumpster. It's history I'm proud to share
Michael Wulfsohn
What a great photo, postcard or not! Many of us would never have had an opportunity to see these pics unless someone, such as yourself, took the time to share them with us. An airline would only use the best pics for their postcards, and be pleased that as many people as possible saw it. Love the old Delta livery, and wish they would go back, and stay that way. FYI, I'm NOT a pilot. I worked Continental res. and gates from '85-'88.
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