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Departing Runway 8


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This Piper PA-23 is an Aztec... no Apache here!

(Easy... the name is on the side in two places.)
jim gevay
cliff731 is correct, the Aztec is a great plane, I have lots of time in them.
Steel61 Photo Uploader
I love the Aztec because my father owned one when I was a kid back in the mid-60's. He had a B-model and it was painted exactly like the B-model Aztec Sporty's Pilot shop has or had.
sam kuminecz
Cliff/Jim what's the main difference...the apache became the Aztec when? I know the Apache had the round tail the Aztec has a more square tail...I'm
Guessing the later -23 and -27 have more powerful 235 motors I believe...correct me if I'm wrong
Sam, the first Aztec was "born" in 1958, which was the PA-23-250 with 250 hp Lycoming O-540 engines and a swept "square" vertical tail.

There was an Apache with a "square" tail... the 1962 Apache 235. This Apache was a derivative of the Aztec, fitted with 235 hp engines of the same type used on the Aztec and swept tail surfaces.
sam kuminecz
Talk about confusing from a spotters perspective...
Guess just gotta use the FAA database to verify the type/subtype based on the registration
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