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  73 голос(-а/-ов) (4.73 Среднее) и 10,911 просмотр(-а/-ов)  

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Adam Yavner
trennor turcotte
It's NOT fantastic. All it is is a water drop, but the photo doesn't show any fire that I can see. Not enough info in the picture. It's a simple water drop picture, no more. Nothing fantastic about it. Let's go easy on the superlatives around here, shall we?!
Hey trennor. hope you slapped your parents for that name. find some other site to yell at people.
it's a GREAT picture.
Roy Hunte
Trennor, this site focuses on aircraft, etc. No need to see the fire.
Corban Faulkner
Nah go trennor
finally sum1 on this website that isnt just soft like u other guys
Todd Royer
Its not about being soft, its about someone who claims to be a "news shooter" being overly critical of other peoples photos, yet when you go to his page and look at all his proper photography you find zero photos posted. Good at tearing others down,but has nothing to back it up.
Joseph Immermann
Good color, good focus, well-centered, and a nice capture of juxtaposition between water vapor rising (clouds) against the water falling from aircraft. Seems to meet more than a couple criteria for a good photograph. Carry on Jose....
Pierre Cantin
Bel instantané, nonobstant les élucubrations braillardes d'un certain T. T. !
doug ogle


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